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Elevation from Lorain of the West 48th block with proposed build

4732 Lorain Avenue

What's in the Works

A restored historic building and new addition will house 23 apartments and ground floor retail space.

What's There Now

The site is comprised on two parcels. The first is an existing building at 4732 Lorain Avenue that currently houses a daycare center, with a parking lot adjacent. The second is a vacant parcel of land that was acquired by Ohio City Incorporated in 2017 from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank. In 2023, Ohio City Incorporated sold the land to the current owner, Jim Miketo of Forest City Shuffleboard.

What's Happening Next

The project team is submitting for city reviews and the project will be presented at the Ohio City Incorporated monthly community meeting on June 20th 2023. Please check the Timeline for upcoming events. We invite you to Subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our Feedback section.

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Jim Miketo, Forest City Shuffleboard

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Public Benefits

Pedestrian Streetscape

Activation of a long vacant lot on a prominent retail corridor.

Historic Preservation

Rehabilitation of the existing 2-story building at 4732 Lorain Avenue.


23 secured parking spaces.

Community Investment

Local developer with roots on Lorain Avenue investing further in the neighborhood.


Located on a well served transit route with both bus and rapid transit options within .5 miles. Also well located on the proposed Lorain Avenue Bikeway.


4,625sf of modern retail space will be available for lease. Spaces are specifically designed for smaller retailers which are typically filled by local businesses and entrepreneurs.


New and existing structures will be built to Energy Star criteria. Rehabbing of an existing building with an embedded carbon footprint. New building on a brownfield site.


Information & Plans

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